Developing Multigenerational Awareness Learning for Increased Student Engagement in Academic & Clinical Experiences

Tuesday, March 12, 2024
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Moody 104 and Zoom


This project sought to establish the effectiveness of an engaging and interactive online resource for faculty to integrate multigenerational awareness into classroom structure in face-to-face or hybrid environments. The presentation discusses the utilization of creative and engaging integrative learning resources such as generational interviews and opportunities for self-reflection to enable faculty to maximize multigenerational collaboration and communication. This translates into opportunities to address diversity and inclusion while preparing students for fieldwork/capstone and clinical experiences.  Of note, the generational interview videos were described as an effective, engaging and “thoughtfully curated” method to expose all students to the similarities and differences between generational groups. Qualitative data suggests that the teaching strategy appears to have positively impacted the ability of the faculty to provide multigenerational awareness education by exposure to this course. The results of the Faculty Pre- and Post Enrolment surveys provided relevant information to support the need for such a teaching strategy in today’s multigenerational academic, clinical, and work environments.